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JUNE 7, 2022

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New laws are reducing felonies to misdemeanors,

allowing early release of criminals, and

limiting sentencing options.

  • Maneuvering through the obstacles challenging prosecutors today requires talented, experienced and tested leadership. 

  • The foundation for effective leadership is experience in criminal law prosecutions including jury trials.

  • Susan has a proven record of imprisoning hundreds of child molesters, domestic abusers and other violent criminals throughout a 29 year career. 

  • Only one candidate can make this claim.  That is why Susan Krones is the best choice for District Attorney. 

  • Proven record of putting violent criminals behind bars. 

    • Alan Ashmore, killed 2 people and shot a CHP Officer: 140 years to life. 

    • Prosecuted Lake County man for raping adult daughter. Jury convicted all 12 counts. Sentence: 72 years prison.

    • Prosecuted  Lake County man for molesting several neighborhood children. Plead guilty and sentenced to 22 years prison. 

  • Working with law enforcement partners to stop:

    • Human Trafficking 

    • Illegal Cannabis Operators

    • Blight in our Neighborhoods

  • Joined District Attorney’s Throughout the State in a lawsuit to stop the early release of prisoners from the Department of Corrections

  • Fights to keep violent criminals behind bars by appearing at pre-release hearings.

  • Personally appears at Parole Hearings to ensure victims of child and domestic abuse are not re-victimized by the release of their abusers.


I had always wanted to be a lawyer since I was a young child.  As a teen I would go to the local courthouse and watch criminal trials. I even took a criminal law class in High School and was the “prosecutor” in a mock trial. I was fascinated by the laws and procedures in the Court and, of course, the human drama unfolding in the courtroom. When I turned 18 I began my journey to become a lawyer. 


Once I graduated from Hastings Collage of the Law I went into the U.S. Army as a Judge Advocate General.  Right away I was in the Courtroom prosecuting cases. It was fast paced and always something new.  My next assignment was in Germany to represent soldiers who were charged with all different types of crimes -  some very serious all the way down to Article 15.    


After leaving the Army in 1991 I soon found a new career in the Lake County District Attorney’s Office.  I have been in the office for over 29 years with my last 3 years as your District Attorney. I have handled a wide variety of cases and have specialized training in the prosecution of child sexual assault, domestic violence and DUI cases.


Lake County deserves a District Attorney with proven experience and leadership.  That is why I am seeking re-election and ask for your vote.